Simple. Intuitive. Easy.

Abelia2.0 is a garden administrator web application to augment existing garden management software. With it the Administrators can easily and efficiently overview who done what, when and where. Meanwhile the staff have a straightforward and fast way to log their activities.


No Installation

Just have a web browser and you are good to go! Any device, any Operation System.

Ease of Use

Logical, intuitive and user-friendly interface. No more confusion! No headaches!

Mobile Friendly

Work from anywhere. The garden, the office or home! From your laptop or your phone!

Batch Process Records

Change multiple records easily at the same time. Save hours of work.

Advanced Filter and Sort

Want to see what John did in South Bed 1 last week? Two clicks. It will be revealed.

Copy/Paste Anywhere

Need data from a particular field? Just click on it. You can paste anywhere.