Our goal is to make Abelia self-sufficient. Further implement it to be able to control every facet of garden operations: from garden planning to plant inventory, to marketing support. We would like to exploit mobile and GPS technology to make the application even more accessible and easy to use.

Will be implemented...

Garden Planer

With the garden inventory it will be possible to plan planting ahead. Gardener and Procurement tasks will be generated from your plan. You can evaluate progress, and also you will be alerted if a plant needs urgent attention.

GPS Technology

The Software could recognize the place of activity, so the staff only presented to choose from the plants nearby. He could then, choose from the dynamically generated options sensitive to their environment. Also you could overview from the map exactly what plant is in which part of the garden.

Plant Life Cycles

Plants could be treated as packets. That would allow advanced administration of the same species of plants. User-friendly interface would make selecting and finding packets easy. Packets will alert if they need any treatment, minimizing the of risk of any damage. The inventory would be always up-to-date, filterable, sortable (plant,bed,status).


The application could also show the plants nearby for the visitors of the garden. They could share their experience on social media sites. All this integrated into the Host Garden website. So they would be able to take virtual walks, and browsing plants.